Recruitment Specialist | Florida Division


Recruitment Specialist | Florida Division



Originally from Tennessee, I currently live in beautiful South Florida. Like you, I am a registered nurse with a passion for helping those who need it most. Nursing was a second career for me, and I earned my BSN from the University of Memphis. In addition to my BSN, I have a bachelor degree in business. With my experience in both business and nursing, being a recruiter is the perfect fit. I am honored to have the opportunity to help you find your ideal nursing position and establish a long, fulfilling relationship with the No. 1-rated company in our business.

Personally, I travel throughout America playing competitive bridge. I served aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and have visited six of the earth’s seven continents. If it has anything to do with nursing and travel, I’m your man. Let’s get acquainted.

Fun Facts

  • I play competitive bridge throughout North America.
  • I love to travel! I have traveled to 6 out of Earth’s 7 continents!
  • I was in the US Navy on an aircraft carrier.
  • I worked as an ER nurse in Memphis.
  • My family is very important to me.
  • Memphis Grizzlies Fan — GO GRIZZ!!